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The "ARB" microbiology software application has not been installed centrally for LWP. This is because too much user-environment settings and directories would be involved.

However, "ARB" itself and the installation script is provided an prepared to install "ARB" in your home directory. If you want to use "ARB" software, please make sure yourself that its license entitles you and your work to use it. Then run "" from a terminal window. Answer the questions asked (enter subdirectories in your home-directory) and follow instructions to edit your shell config as printed by the script at the end.

Example answers for the "ARB" install script:

Enter full installation path: [/usr/arb]

Specify PT_SERVER files location
Enter path:

Who is responsible for the PT_SERVER index files ?
Should everybody be allowed to build/update PT_SERVER files (y/n/dont_change)[dont_change]?

NameServer installation
Do you trust your users (y/n/dont_change)[dont_change]?

n   You want to assign a special Network host
s   You have a Stand alone computer
Choose (s/n)[s]?

Finally, you have to tell your system where to find arb.
Enter (1,2 or 3) to achieve further installation instructions:

===> follow the instructions printed to edit you ~/.bashrc
     and then re-login