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Dropbox has stopped the support of all linux file systems except ext4. You home dir is a network disk using NFS (Networked File System). We've tried moving Dropbox to a local disk formatted with the ext4 file system, but the Dropbox client will not move the data from your home drive to anywhere else... it claims it will, but then fails.

As a (probably permanent) workaround for RUG employees it's possible to add your Dropbox account to your Unishare account as "external storage", so you won't need the Dropbox client anymore. You can use the Owncloud client. Owncloud is the software used to create the Unishare environment. The Owncloud client is installed on all LWP's.

First enable access to your Dropbox account

  1. Go to https://www.dropbox.com and login to your account.
  2. In the bottom right corner, click the dot menu (the 3 dots) and select Developers.
  3. On the new page select My apps.
  4. Click Create app.
  5. At 1 select Dropbox API
  6. At 2 select Full Dropbox if you want to be able to access your entire Dropbox account from within your Unishare account. If you only need/want access to one specific folder, select App folder.
  7. At 3 Enter any name for the app. Something like "Unishare" will help you recognize it in the future.
  8. Click the Create app button.
  9. On the next page we have to give an address at Redirect URIs. Enter the following address, https://unishare.nl/index.php/settings/personal?sectionid=storage and don't forget to click Add.
  10. Above the Redirect URIs you should see App key and App secret, you'll need those to give Unishare access to your Dropbox.
  11. Now go to https://unishare.nl/index.php/login and login there using your RUG account.
  12. On your home page click in the upper right corner (on your name) and select Settings.

Next add your Dropbox account to Unishare