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The Linux Workstation Project


In april 2007, a small group of DS-CIT employees started working on the development of a Linux Workstation, which is to be offered to those who wish to use Linux on their computers. Defaults will be sensible, but much of the installation and configuration will be customizable by the local systems administrator.


The builders of the LWP realize that giving away the maintenance of many Linux machines to a small group of people may sound contradictory to the freedom and experimentability Linux offers. For sure these few will take control of your machine, hide behind a helpdesk, and then take forever to respond even to trivial questions... This is not what we intend to do.

Our intention is to create a Linux installation that lifts from our customers the burden of having to know all the details about configuration, but does allow them to do exactly what they want in cases where they are picky about those details. We especially put our effort in enabling the workstations to use the central services the DS-CIT offers, like authentication using university accounts and access to central storage, but when any of these services are not available, the workstation itself must still work. We want to offer a service, not to take control of your machine or network.

However, we are not going to force root rights on ordinary users either. We aim at making it particularly easy for local systems administrators to add to or override our default settings. If the local sysadmin requires machines with root rights for himself and nobody else, he should be able to use our service to get them quickly.

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