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Welcome to the LWP-Wiki!! For general LWP information, the LWP main page is the starting point.
If you're having trouble on your LWP, our FAQ is a good place to take a look first. We might already have solved your problem once or twice before.


Staff can have Remote access to their LWP. We will keep up support as best we can.

Staff and students can have Remote access to and Alfa Informatica students can also connect to

When logged in a physical PC at university premises you automatically have file system permissions to put your public key in place to be able to access karora/lwp-ssh remotely from outside the RUG network. As a corona-time alternative we can put it in place for you if you send us the public key together with a photo of your ID (RUG-card, drivers license,..) from a RUG e-mail address.



If you're having trouble with your LWP and the solution isn't in our FAQ, contact us by using the support program on the LWP's (if possible) by entering "support" on a LWP command line or selecting it from the menu.
For more general questions you can contact us by sending a mail to