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The European Environment for Scientific Software Installations (EESSI, pronounced as "easy") is a collaboration between different European partners in HPC community.
The goal of this project is to build a common stack of scientific software installations for HPC systems and beyond, including laptops, personal workstations and cloud infrastructure.
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EESSI pilot software stack (2021.12)


The current EESSI pilot software stack (version 2021.12) is the 7th iteration, and there are some known issues and limitations, please take these into account.

 First of all: the EESSI pilot software stack is NOT READY FOR PRODUCTION!

Do not use it for production work, and be careful when testing it on production systems!

Set up your EESSI environment

Run the following command first (add this line to your .bashrc file to make it permanent):

 export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

You can set up the environment by sourcing the provided init script:

 source /cvmfs/

If all goes well, you should see output like this:

 Found EESSI pilot repo @ /cvmfs/!
 Using x86_64/intel/haswell as software subdirectory.
 Using /cvmfs/ as the directory to be added to MODULEPATH.
 Found Lmod configuration file at /cvmfs/
 Initializing Lmod...
 Prepending /cvmfs/ to $MODULEPATH...
 Environment set up to use EESSI pilot software stack, have fun!
 [EESSI pilot 2021.12] $ 

Now you're all set up! Go ahead and explore the software stack using module avail, and go wild with testing the available software installations!

Testing the EESSI pilot software stack

Please test the EESSI pilot software stack as you see fit: running simple commands, performing small calculations or running small benchmarks, etc.
Test scripts that have been verified to work correctly using the pilot software stack are available at

Giving feedback or reporting problems

Any feedback is welcome, and questions or problems reports are welcome as well, through one of the EESSI communication channels:

   * (preferred!) EESSI software-layer GitHub repository:
   * EESSI mailing list (
   * EESSI Slack: (get an invite via
   * monthly EESSI meetings (first Thursday of the month at 2pm CEST)

Available software

(last update: Mar 21st 2022) EESSI currently supports the following HPC applications as well as all their dependencies (see Documentation):

   * GROMACS (2020.1 and 2020.4)
   * OpenFOAM (v2006 and 8)
   * R (4.0.0) + R-bundle-Bioconductor (3.11) + RStudio Server (1.3.1093)
   * TensorFlow (2.3.1) and Horovod (0.21.3)
   * OSU-Micro-Benchmarks (5.6.3)
   * ReFrame (3.9.1)
   * Spark (3.1.1)
   * IPython (7.15.0)
   * QuantumESPRESSO (6.6) (currently not available on ppc64le)
   * WRF (