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Gurobi Seems to be software that needs the user to be able to write in system directories. This makes it unsuitable for distribution by the LWP admins, but you can still install it in your home directory...

  • Unpack the tarball in your home directory:
cd $HOME
tar zxf gurobi6.5.2_linux64.tar.gz
  • Set a few environment variables (change "652" to reflect the actual version you downloaded):
export GUROBI_HOME=${HOME}/gurobi652/linux64
export PATH="${PATH}:${GUROBI_HOME}/bin"

(You might want to put these command in your ~/.bashrc, lest you must type them every time you want to use gurobi.)

grbgetkey substitute-your-own-key-here
  • Start using gurobi:

Due to the license construction, you must repeat the "grbgetkey" command on every computer you wish to run Gurobi on.

Running gurobi from your home directory is somewhat slower than running it from disk, or even /opt/netapps. You may wish to install it in /mnt/D instead of ${HOME} to gain speed. The consequence of that is that you also have to install it on every machine you use.