LWP Software requests

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Here you can request software to be installed on all LWP's.

Request your software in time!
We need time to prepare the software and you need time to test it. The week before you need it is NOT enough time! Standard packages can often be installed within a few hours, but don't count on it, some (un)forseen circumstances could be consuming all our time.

When requesting software please provide us with the following information on the form below.
- Your p-number.
- When does it need to be ready?
- Does it have to be compiled or is there a Debian package available?
- Package name and/or download URL.
- Simple testing parameters. How can we make sure the program works correctly after we build/install it?

You can also request we mirror an extra repository (PPA) and make it available on LWP's. We make all extra repositories available with a lower priority, to prevent accidental package installs. Please provide us with the correct URL to the repository you want mirrored.

Send email
(needed if you want an answer)