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On the new LWP it is possible to use SSH to connect to your LWP directly if you are on a PC outside the RuG network, no more need for the Bastion host. You will however require a SSH key to do so now.

We have a login server available to access your home dir, so you don't have to leave your own PC turned on. It's not a big machine, so don't use it to do your work on or you'll bother other users trying to access their files.
NOTE! There are other login servers available, but they are department specific, so we won't post them here.

Login server stats:

  • ssh-hostkeys:

2048 SHA256:BqwCk82bRDxY3YLkumDcr8d0RKExSCX+zbsgdDyfF4w (RSA)
256 SHA256:Fck7jcOsqDtqcCFncx144z2tt12oMWXD4Jiz0LJbapw (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:MfSPCbM20GbH+zMDUAEFzk80vTxF2890ch2EQJjEi3o (ED25519)

2048 SHA256:nBUFeuUS6Y9EgXKeSbP5Ln36Gwa1o3K5P8cd5iv7Pfw (RSA)
256 SHA256:+/1cDE7HuH4JZD1wdKZHvI4habtXHhqMXYOP8ofsFFo (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:6hxuhrKxhKSVaRQb5rvUGoZYYx2F/vzsa7x36iBoBLU (ED25519)

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