Can I have root rights?

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We strive to make the LWP such that you do not need sudo rights. In fact you can already install all packages from all the repositories that we have pre-configured. Example:

$ sudo apt-get install <somepackage>

For details, refer to install packages.

If you need some software that is not in these repositories we have rather that you ask us to provide it. That way we can keep track on what is important for users and what is not.

That said you can of course install whatever you like in your home directory or on the local /mnt/D partition.


 $ conda create -n foo python=3.7 numpy keras
 $ npm install <something>
 $ pip install --user <some package> # use conda instead of pip
 $ make && make install PREFIX=$HOME/local

Of course you can get sudo rights. However since in that case we do not know anymore how your system has changed we cannot provide much more support then just reinstalling the system.

If you tell us what it is that you want to achieve with sudo rights then we can explain how todo that without sudo rights (or why you should not do that).

However, if you're still convinced you need sudo rights on your system, send us a request mentioning your PC's hostname and/or WKS-number. Please note that you cannot get root rights to shared PC's.