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RUG account life cycle and your home directory

Summary / TL;DR:

When you leave the university your home directory may be deleted permanently after 2 years (but not before).


Your general RUG account (p/s/f/g number account) is used to log in to an LWP and is subject to the general university policy governing these accounts. When you leave the university for any reason your account will be disabled.

When your account has been disabled for more than 6 consecutive months we may archive your home directory. This means it will be compressed and put aside.

In case your account becomes enabled once again after your home directory was archived, we can reinstate the home directory manually on request.

When your account has been disabled for two or more consecutive years we may delete your home directory and/or its archive entirely and permanently. It will still be possible to restore it from tape backup up for to 3 months after this, but this will only be done under exceptional circumstances.

You will *not* recieve any warnings about this, since disabling RUG accounts is already accompanied with warning emails.


CIT offers a service for archiving research realated data. For more information see: