Enabling dual-monitor setup (NVidia only)

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We've made it possible for users to adjust their video settings in order to configure for dual-monitor setup. This works solely for NVidia video cards. In order to configure for dual-monitor setup, type the following at the command prompt:

  gksudo /opt/netapps/bin/nvidiaconfig

In most cases, the script will ask you to reboot. The reboot can be postponed, but changing the video configuration won't work until then.

After reboot, run gksudo /opt/netapps/bin/nvidiaconfig again. Choose "twinview" in the configuration window to enable the secondary monitor. Click apply to try new settings and do not forget to press the "Save config file" button when done.

To figure out whether you have an NVidia card at all, enter the command:

  lspci|grep -i vga|grep -i nvidia

if that shows any output, you have an NVidia card.