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What to do if Flash or Silverlight is not working

Flash and Silverlight are both closed source utilities and mainly Windows products, so getting them to work in linux is always a bit more work then it is in Windows. There are a few alternatives in linux to make it work and we can enable pipelight on your system. We chose this, because it supports several browser plugins. If you require Flash and/or Silverlight, please send us a mail at lwp@rug.nl and we will enable it for your system. After we've enabled it, we'll send you a mail that it's activated and you can do the following:

Enabling it for your account

If you haven't logged out since recieving our mail, do that first and log back in. This will do some required setup for your account. If you've already logged out and in again after recieving our mail, close Firefox and enter the following command('s) on a commandline (depending on what you want enabled):

pipelight-plugin --accept --enable flash
pipelight-plugin --accept --enable silverlight5.1

Now open Firefox again and check your Addons. There should appear a popup telling you what is being enabled/installed. After that's done, you should see 'Shockwave Flash...' and/or 'Silverlight Plug-in...' in your Addons on the plugins tab.