Mutiple GSI-systems

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Configuration of multiple GSI-systems

Once you have used the root-setup script for either cern, fair, r3b, panda or cbm, you can run the command root-setup <other environment> again and it will set up the other environment in your home directory too. The easiest way to enable the environment settings for any of the fair environments you have set up, is to cat your .bashrc file and run the appropriate source command (without the #):

 cat ~/.bashrc

This will give you output similar to this:

 <other stuff>
 source /opt/netapps/fair_install/FairRoot/build/ &> /dev/null
 #source ~/fair_install/FairRoot/build/ &> /dev/null
 #source /opt/netapps/fair_install/R3BRoot/build/ &> /dev/null
 #source /opt/netapps/fair_install/PandaRoot/build/ &> /dev/null
 #source /opt/netapps/fair_install/CBMRoot/build/ &> /dev/null

In the above example the default environment set up, is CernRoot. Run the following command to set up the environment settings of your current terminal for CBMRoot:

 source /opt/netapps/fair_install/CBMRoot/build/ &> /dev/null

You can open a different terminal and run a different source command to set up that terminal for a different *Root environment.

Remove the # sign in your .bashrc file for the environment you want to automatically set up when you open a terminal and add a # for those environments you don't.