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Configuration of R3BRoot

Running the command root-setup r3b will configure your system to use R3BRoot. This command will also automatically create-adapt your .bashrc file, so after you have run this command your system is almost ready, you do have to re-open the terminal to activate the new environment settings or run the source command given at the end of set-up.

The following directories are automatically created:

In this directory you will find the r3b-macros. You can adapt them any way you like and then run them.
In order to test your R3BRoot system you can run the following commands from the directory /home/p123456/fair_install/R3BRoot/macros/r3b/:

 root -l -q r3bsim.C

After this has completed successfully (check if the on screen output of the command ends with “Finished successfully”), you can run:

 root -l eventDisplay.C

If everything works, a nice window with a coloured 3D plot of the full R3B-setup should appear.