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How to use x-deep 32 to get X applications under the UWP to work

  • In PuTTY go to Connections -> SSH -> X11 and check enable X11 forwarding.
  • Login to your machine of choice like you would normally do.
  • Now when the connection is set up we can start the x-server. On your UWP, go to Internet en Communication -> x-deep 32 and select x-server.
  • A window appears in which you have to select what network interface to use. Just check the box Never show this dialog box, and always accept request from [ANY] network interface, unless you have more interfaces and know what they are for. Then click Select.
  • A pop-up window appears, remove the check for Always check for XDM enabled hosts on start-up. and click OK.
  • The x-server window appears. This is however an x-server without a window manager, so you won't be able to move the windows. To enable this, right click the title bar and select X-server Menu -> X-server Options -> select the Window Modes tab. Beneath the Multiple Windows Modes heading, select Multiple MS Window Mode and click OK.
  • To open your X applications, in your PuTTY session type xterm or whatever application you want and it should start in your Windows session. If you don't want to lose your PuTTy terminal type xterm &.