Installing the LWP

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Before you begin

Make a backup of your data stored on the disk of your PC, if any. You can use a usb device or your home directory. Your home directory is network storage and does not get touched during the installation.
If you have sudo rights, you should know where you’ve put your files. If you don’t have sudo rights, you can only place files in /mnt/D/ and /var/tmp or maybe in /tmp if you never restart your PC.
Some of you will have extra disks in your PC, these will not be touched during the installation. If and how these extra disks are mounted differs greatly. If you have sudo rights, you can add them to the fstab yourself after the installation. Ask us to add them if you don’t.
The installation of the LWP will require 120GB of disk space. A dual-boot installation will require at least 250GB of disk space.
After you've made your backups, restart your PC.

(re)Install the LWP

  • At startup, press F12 to boot from the network.
The ipxe menu for LWP only.
  • From the menu, choose Install LWP.
  • That's it. The rest happens automatically.

The installation will take 30-45 minutes to finish depending on your hardware. After the installation is finished your system will automatically restart. When the LWP starts the first time, some configuration still has to be done. You will see the following screen.

First time starting the LWP.

This should disappear after a few minutes (5-10 minutes). When it’s done the login screen will appear and you can login.

The LWP login screen.

(re)Install dual-boot UWP/LWP

If only the LWP has to be (re)installed follow the procedure for (re)Install the LWP, but the Install LWP menu-item is in the Maintenance sub-menu.

The ipxe maintenance sub menu for dual-boot.

The servicedesk can help you (re)install the UWP on your machine.

Note: Reinstalling the UWP will also require reinstalling the LWP. Reinstalling the LWP does not require reinstalling the UWP, as long as there is enough disk space for the LWP to fit.

Not enough space

LWP only

If the LWP doesn’t fit the following message will appear.

Installer did not find enough free disk space.

If you’ve made backups of all your data on the disk, you can tell the installer to erase the entire disk by typing exactly “I am Sure, Wipe My Disk” and hitting the Enter key. The installer will then delete all partitions and continue as normal. If you type anything else the installer will abort without doing anything to your system and display the following message.

No suitable disk found. The CIT servicedesk can assist.


Resize the UWP partition

If you’re familiar with resizing partitions and/or not afraid of losing anything because you make backups like you're supposed to, consider resizing the UWP NTFS partition if you have enough free space there. You can use Parted Magic for this.
In the network boot menu (press F12 directly after turning on your PC) from the Maintenance sub-menu, select Parted Magic to start it.

The ipxe maintenance sub menu for dual-boot.

Resize the NTFS partition using GParted (which starts automatically) so you have 120GB free space to install the LWP in. This 120GB should include the current lwproot partition and the swap partition if they exist, because those are removed and the space reused.

Example partitions dual-boot PC.

A more detailed explanation on Parted Magic can be found here.
After resizing is done, restart your system and start the LWP installer, the installation should now continue without any problems.